Life of Fadhil Rasul and Converting from Marxism to Islam 1949-1989


  • Yousif Jamal History Department, Faculty of Arts, Soran University Author
  • Fakhir Ali Ababakr History Department, Faculty of Arts, Soran University Author



Fadhil Rasul, as an academic politician and intellect, has been considered as a well-known political figure in the events within Iraq, regional countries as well as on an international level such as, Iran, Lebanon, Egypt, Germany and Austria. Despite of his membership in the political parties, but he hasn’t campaigned for political activities. The primary motivation for doing a study on Fadhil Rasul's biography and intellectual mindset was his competency and intellectual mindset, which allowed him to establish direct relationships with intellectuals and politicians.. This study is entitled "The Biography of Fadhil Rasul and his Mindset Shift from Marxism to Islamism 1949-1989". Thus, the study is organized into three chapters, the first chapter is concerned with his biography, while the second and the third chapters are devoted to a detailed account of Rasul's direction of Marxism and Islamic intellect. Further, the main reasons behind his intellect shift are discussed. Hence, depending on numerous authentic sources, the study has come up with certain conclusions, such as, specifying the reason behind his intellect shift from Marxism to an Islamism, in which due to a profound historical reading and his precise assessment to the intellectual issues at the time, led him to experience a dramatic change in his life as well as a shift from Marxism to Islamism.

Keywords: Fadhil Rasul, Marxism, Islam, Intellectual transformation.


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