The military scenes on the Urartian bronze belts (9th to the early of the 6th century BC)


  • Nasreen Khwakaram Awlhamid Archeology Department, College of Humanities, Sulaimani University Author
  • Dlshad Aziz Marf Archeology Department, College of Humanities, Sulaimani University Author



The Urartians controlled the vast area around Van, Sivan and Urmia lakes during 9th to the early of the 6th hundred BC.  They were able to extend their small kingdom to a vast empire and became a great opponent of the Assyrian Empire. This strong state relied on a strong military, strong fortifications, and specific military equipment.

 The paper deals with the metal belts that were used by the Urartian military leaders, soldiers, hunters and the men and women of Urartu as a protector and as well as an ornament over their clothes.

The Urartian metal belts were mainly made with bronze, they are wide builts, and they were carved and incised with different scenes, but mainly with military scenes. In this paper we analysed the carved scenes on these metal belts, the military scenes, calvaries, chariots, weapons and we compared these scenes with similar sciences with similar scenes on the Near Eastern arts.


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Awlhamid, Nasreen Khwakaram, and Dlshad Aziz Marf , trans. 2024. “The Military Scenes on the Urartian Bronze Belts (9th to the Early of the 6th Century BC)”. Twejer Journal 6 (2): 391-426.