Interpretation, Views and Writings of classical Kurdish Poets and Writers about the Yarsani_ Kakaye Religion


  • Zrian Jizni Mohammed Sociology Department, Faculty of Arts, Salahaddin University-Erbil Author



The Yarsan religion is known to its believers as an independent Kurdish religion, and the Kurdish gorani  dialect was also known as a sacred divine language, in which the first primitive texts were written. The Yarsani roots, elements and sources have been linked to the ancient religions of the settlement communities in the foothills of the Zagros Mountains, such as the ,Mani Zervanians, Zoroastrians and Mihribersians, The Yarsan religion developed and grew from generation to generation and spread in the broad borders and regions of the great materialist state. They are (Sheikh Rida Talabani, Mullah Jabbari and Mahwi). This research is shedding light on the history of the Yarsan religion, which has been subjected to setbacks, or its emergence and growth by the enemies of the Kurds and sometimes themselves.

In our modest research, we will present and explain the opinions and perceptions of three Kurdish poets about the Yarsan religion and its believers according to their poetic texts. In many cases, this history has been subjected to wrong recording, due to the lack of understanding and knowledge of some Kurdish poets and writers, which made this religion become and appear unreal, which has nothing to do with the essence of religion and is far from it.


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