Psychological Security and its Relation with Future Anxiety, and Orientation towards Migration among University Students


  • Araz Hakeem Radha Salahaddin University-Erbil Author
  • Saadadin Hassan anwar Soran University Author



The main objective of the current study is to determine the levels of each of the variables of psychological security, future anxiety and orientation towards migration, as well as to determine the relationship between these three variables. The study population of this research is the soran university students which contain 532 as target population. For the purpose of collecting data, descriptive and quantitative methods were used to collect the data and the data were extracted and analyzed through SPSS programme. The results of this study showed that psychological security was low among the study sample, and the study sample felt low levels of future anxiety. In contrast, the results of the current suggest that the study sample orientation toward migration is statistically observed However The study samples low-level direction further oriented towards the migration the results suggest that the relationship between psychological security variables and future anxiety and orientation toward migration is statistically shown. At the end, the researcher suggested some recommendations and suggestions to those who are concern with related findings.


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Radha, Araz Hakeem, and Saadadin hassan Anwar , trans. 2024. “Psychological Security and Its Relation With Future Anxiety, and Orientation towards Migration Among University Students”. Twejer Journal 6 (2): 713-71.