Analyzing Wafayi’s Poems according to the Statistical Stylistics School


  • Chaware Niamat Saleh Kurdish Department, Faculty of Arts, Soran University Author
  • Hemn Sharif Sharif Ministry of Education Author
  • Emran Nawzad Hasso Ministry of Education Author



    This paper aims to show a part of the style of Wafayi’s Poems according to the Statistical Stylistics School. Many Kurdish scholars have done several researches on the mental, language and technical sides of the Wafayi’s Diwan.  Apart of his Diwan consists of)121 (sonnets. Among these sonnets,)302 (lines are rhymed. Therefore, this paper only works on these)302 (rhymed lines. It tells the number and the type of the rhymed lines along with the rhythm. In order to explain how and how much the poet has benefited from the Language Speech Sections, the research tries to connect the rhymed sounds at the end of the lines with the Language Speech Sections in the poems. Generally, this analysis indicates the rhyme scheme of Wafayi’s sonnets in order to be familiar with his vision towards sonnets. In this paper, the researcher has worked on the relationship between the categories and rhymes in order to identify the categories that have been appeared in the rhymes statistically.


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Saleh, Chaware Niamat, Hemn Sharif Sharif, and Enmran Nawzad Hasso , trans. 2024. “Analyzing Wafayi’s Poems According to the Statistical Stylistics School”. Twejer Journal 6 (2): 947-86.