Analyzing Types of Meaning in Media according to Leech's Division


  • Saman Omar Saidgul Kurdish Department, College of Education, Koya University Author
  • Nawzad Anwar Omar Kurdish Department, College of Education, Koya University Author



In this paper, the types of meaning according to Leach's division in media news texts are examined. The relationship between media and language on the basis of meaning is highly witnessed because media's priority is to deliver this meaning which is the media's goal. This every single word, sentence, phrase and text within media is to convey the purpose of meaning. The meaning and purpose of the news has been analyzed and studied depending on various semantic ways.  However, the classification and semantic meaning types have been written about, but the analysis and making research about the kinds of meaning in the media according to Geoffrey Leech is a new work.                                                


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Saidgul, Saman Omar, and Nawzad Anwar Omar , trans. 2024. “Analyzing Types of Meaning in Media According to Leech’s Division”. Twejer Journal 6 (2): 987-1034.