Leadership and its Peculiarities under Highlights of Holy Quran


  • Hemn Tahr Darwesh No Affiliation Author
  • Jawad Faqe Ali Law Department, College of Humanities, Koya University Author




This research talks about the issue of (leadership), as leadership in society or the state is considered as the head of the body; Therefore, it is necessary for it to exist and for the position of leadership to not be vacant from the leader, but we Muslims should quote images of successful leadership from the Holy Qur’an, because among its verses and narration of its stories he referred to high-end examples of human leadership models in its ancient history, of its greats such as the honorable messengers (Peace be upon them), and its righteousness is like Dhul-Qarnayn. In the shadows of Qur’an verses, we shed light on the mention of leadership or related words, their types, importance, qualities and pillars in the Holy Qur’an - in a kind of abbreviation -. In our research we have followed the method of objective discussion, this scientific content of this research consists of two parts with appendix and a short concise result in the most important results and recommendations.


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Darwesh, Hemn tahr, and Jawad Faqe Ali , trans. 2024. “Leadership and Its Peculiarities under Highlights of Holy Quran”. Twejer Journal 6 (2): 1361-1406. https://doi.org/10.31918/.