The Style of Rhetorical Poetry in Tamim al-Barghouti's Love Poems


  • Bawdin Kareem Mawlood College of Education, Koya University Author
  • Sayaf Hadi Hamad College of Education, Koya University Author



This research which is called "the style of rhetorical poetry in tamim al-Barghouti's love poems, is a rhetorical study This title includes the"

creation of the sentence structure in Tamim al-Barghouti's romantic poems, which are a rhetorical and stylistic study aimed at understanding the poet's ability to speak linguistically, in form and literature. We chose to know the secrets of the world of love and secrets by this poet, who is famous for his love and love, as it appears in his poetic language in his beloved poems.

In this research, we take the love lines of Tamim al-Barghouti's poems in terms of rhetorical purposes, meanings and styles. The researcher follows a description analysis program in this study, but in this way he can reveal some of the poet's views, symbols and inventive writings Divide this research

into five sections, the first part is about news sentences and creation, the second part talks about progress and delays, and the third part is interruption and composition of Including, the fourth part talks about deviation and description, the fifth and final section talks about short-termism and prolongation, and finally the results of the investigation and the list of sources are recorded.


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Mawlood, Bawdin Kareem, and Sayaf Hadi Hamad , trans. 2024. “The Style of Rhetorical Poetry in Tamim Al-Barghouti’s Love Poems”. Twejer Journal 6 (2): 1513-56.