A treatise in Arabic letters attributed to Al-Nadr bin Shumail (d. 203 AH) - may God have mercy on him -


  • Esmail Mohammed Saeed Esmail Arabic Language Department, College of Education-Akre, Duhok University Author




   The research illuminates an authentic text, namely, an antique text from our Arab heritage, which is a manuscript of Al-Nadr bin Shamil (d. 203 AH), one of the scholars of the second century AH entitled (A Message in Arabic Letters Ascribed to Al-Nadr bin Shamil). Louis Sheikho and the orientalist Augst Hefner relied on what was mentioned in the Iraqi Al-Moallem magazine, issue 3, 1329 AH in attributing the message to Al-Nadr bin Shamil. We thought that it would be useful to study and verify this letter, extracting its benefits, and we tried to clarify its texts as much as we could. We found out different meaning of letters by the author, explaining the how some letters were overlapped by him. Also, we mentioned the reason behind this overlap in naming some letters, and this is the approach adopted by scholars at that time.

     Researching our ancient heritage has many benefits that are known to those who have studied the texts of our immortal heritage, as it shows the ingenuity of our early scholars in terms of the breadth of knowledge, the ingenuity of description and the accuracy of phrases, and we hope we were successful in that.


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