Place Characteristic as a Structure in Crime: Analytical and Comparative Study


  • Rekan Niamat Awlla Faculty of Law, Political Science and Management, Soran University Author
  • Waady Sulaiman Ali Kurdistan Regional Government Parliament, Iraq Author



What is meant by Place characteristic, is everything that indicates a specific location, whether it is on the ground or something that the legislator considers of special importance in the legal structure of the crime or in the general provisions thereof, and thus affects the crime, including non-existence, or a difference in the adaptation of the law and the punishment thereof. Intensity or relief.

And it appeared to us through this study that the Place characteristic has an impact on the legal construction of the crime, which is represented as a special element in the crime of gambling and begging, as well as in the crime of violating the sanctity of housing, and the same case in the crime of arresting a person in a place prepared or prepared for drug abuse. Without it, crime would not happen.


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Awlla, Rekan Niamat, and Waady Sulaiman Ali , trans. 2024. “Place Characteristic As a Structure in Crime: Analytical and Comparative Study”. Twejer Journal 6 (2): 1678-1734.