Spatial analysis of features of urban conditioning in the cities of Soran and Diana (A study in urban geography)


  • Saadadin Mohammed Nuri Saeed Faculty of Basic Education, Soran University Author



 One of the features that characterize cities is the continuous change in the social fabric of the population and the degree of urban adaptation at the same time, through immigration from the neighboring countryside or from other urban and semi-urban settlements. The research aims to highlight the most important social and economic characteristics of the population for four selected residential neighborhoods between the two regions The study, within the hypothesis that there is a state of spatial variation in the features of urban adaptation between each of the Soran district center and the Diana district center, and the use of the inductive method in the descriptive analysis method and other sub-methods such as the historical method and the quantitative analysis method, and in order to reach the goal of the research, the research was distributed It is divided into three main axes in addition to sub-axes. The first axis dealt with concepts and terminology related to the subject of the research, and in the second axis. The definition of the study area and spatial expansion. The third and final axis dealt with the analysis of the variation of characteristics and urban adaptation. 


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Saeed, Saadadin Mohammed Nuri , trans. 2024. “Spatial Analysis of Features of Urban Conditioning in the Cities of Soran and Diana (A Study in Urban Geography)”. Twejer Journal 6 (2): 1735-70.