Teaching writing: Investigating the adopted approaches and the potential of implementing a cooperative language learning approach at the selected Kurdistan universities.


  • Ali Yousef Aziz English Department, Faculty of Arts, Soran University Author
  • Ameerah Mamar Nabee English Department, Faculty of Arts, Soran University Author




The present study aims to examine the application of approaches adopted by teachers in teaching EFL writing, particularly the potential of the cooperative language learning approach. The design of the study followed a mixed-method approach. The data collection methods were classroom observation, questionnaire, and interview with the EFL writing teachers. The participants of the study were 203 second-year students and 12 teachers of the English Departments in three public universities in the Kurdistan Region. Three EFL writing classrooms both morning and evening were observed. The quantitative and qualitative data were analyzed through SPSS and thematic data analyses, respectively. The findings demonstrated that writing is taught through the communicative approach and mixed approaches, and the classes were mostly teacher-directed and almost interactive. Meanwhile, the cooperative language learning approach was not implemented; moreover, the shared techniques, such as group work, were not realized according to the principles and procedures of CLL in the writing classes. Above that, teachers had limited knowledge of the CLL approach. Thus, the study concluded that the writing skill and the proper implementation of the CLL approach call for further investigation due to its potential role in achieving improvements and modifications in teaching writing as the study revealed that the participants of the study had a positive attitude towards the various techniques of this approach like group work. Also, the teachers as the backbone of the process need training courses on writing approaches, especially the CLL approach.  


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Aziz, Ali Yousef, and Ameerah Mamar Nabee , trans. 2024. “Teaching Writing: Investigating the Adopted Approaches and the Potential of Implementing a Cooperative Language Learning Approach at the Selected Kurdistan Universities”. Twejer Journal 6 (2): 1969-2036. https://doi.org/10.31918/.