The Impact of Oral Health Care Education on Students in Sulaimanyah High Schools


  • Rawshan Abdulatif Mustafa Department of Oral Diagnosis, College of Dentistry, University of Sulaimani Author
  • Hayman Jalal Abdoul Charmo Center for Research, Training and Consultancy, University of Charmo Author
  • Miran Hikmat Mohammed Department of Basic Science, College of Dentistry, University of Sulaimani Author



Education plays a crucial role in most sectors nowadays. It is an important factor that facilitates the different aspects of human life and enhances students' attitudes toward life. Furthermore, there are other important study education parameters related to human health, which improve knowledge regarding how to ensure better health and prevent health issues. This can be attributed to the fact that remarkable motivations are intrinsically associated with many factors, even though education can be perceived as a main and necessary factor. This paper concentrates on dental and oral health education under a specific population, taking students from Sulaimaniyah high school, generally, and students from grades between seven to twelve, in particular, as a sample. Furthermore, the main aim of this paper is to identify the extent to which the students in schools have general knowledge of oral health and how they keep their mouths clean and safe. Also, it can predict how education in oral health can be an important factor in improving the quality of life and health of humans. The methodology followed by this paper is conducting surveys and distributing them among two high schools in Sulaimaniyah City. The results of this paper show that nearly half of the students did not have adequate educational information about oral health. Therefore, they need to go through a specific education curriculum designed for them by professionals in the same field and taught by schools as required curriculum.


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Mustafa, Rawshan Abdulatif, Hayman Jalal Abdoul, and Miran Hikmat Mohammed , trans. 2024. “The Impact of Oral Health Care Education on Students in Sulaimanyah High Schools”. Twejer Journal 6 (2): 2099-2120.